Welcome to The Rainbow Journey

We are a small community of Jesus Followers, who seek to help each other follow Jesus into wholeness. We are affirming, informal, and very relaxed. We are a new community who believe in servant leadership. No one is paid and no one is given titles like "pastor". We don't have a membership, so you are welcome to come and visit, and see if you would like to join us on the journey, or if you are just curious.

We are very informal. We meet in the lounge, and fellowship, sharing, prayer, and eating are all part of our time together, and it's all worship.

We seek to be better disciples of Jesus, and our desire is to encourage others to chose to follow Jesus. We use dialogue and sharing to teach rather than preaching. We encourage participation.

Everyone is welcome. We are mostly young LGBTQIA+, but you will be welcome regardless of your age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender. 


We are currently not meeting regularly. Check our facebook page for events, or email us and ask to be put on our email list.